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Blog sy’n rhoi llwyfan i gerddoriaeth gyfoes yn yr iaith Gymraeg! A blog providing a platform to contemporary Welsh-language music!


Hoffwch y dudalen yma os ydych o blaid cael tal teg i gerddorion ar BBC Radio Cymru, o blaid gweld ein diwylliant yn llewyrchu o dan amodau sy’n deg i bawb ac o blaid hybu’r iaith fel un sydd mor bwysig a chyfartal ag unrhyw iaith arall er mwyn hybu hyder y genhedlaeth nesaf.

The BBC have banned the playing of ANY Welsh language music across ALL it’s services for the foreseeable future due to a dispute between PRS and Welsh language artists over a 90% cut to PRS royalties. Please like this page to show your support to Welsh musicians and poets.

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    I am fucking disgusted with the BBC rn. I’m only sticking to S4C right now. Mae ein cerddorion a beirdd yn cael filoedd...
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    JJESUS i heard about that and i thought it was just because there was a lack of Welsh artists.
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    What the hell?! That’s ridiculous! You’ve my support, Welsh-language musicians. Go n-eirí libh!
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    Oh God, let’s not go back to the whole ”Welsh Not” thing…
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